AI Underwriting Platform

Artivatic’s AI Underwriting automation, dynamic behaviour & instant decision platform enables insurance businesses to asses policyholders on individual basis in real time using internal, external, environmental, device and documents data. End to end platform enables both with existing platforms as well as works independent to provide new age risk assessment scoring and policy decision experience. Plug-in-play solutions for both medical underwriting & financial underwriting for retail & groups products. 60 seconds automated Underwriting & Risk profiling based engine, Reducing errors and increase in turn-around time with future learning using AI, ML & Data.

Full-stack integrated intelligent engine to process all types of required data & documents.Cross intelligent to enable missing data for better decision in Underwriting.

  • Bulk policy applicant processing & tracking
  • Connected with all core insurance platforms
  • Provides processing intelligence automatically
  • Integrated to Own-premise of Insurance companies 

Policy Holder
Policy Holder Location
Policy Holder Risk Scores

AUSIS’s comprehensive Underwriting Dashboard for Policy Holder

AUSIS provides final decision for policy issuance instantly.

Policy Holder Credibility Score
Policy Holder Cover
Artivatic’s Decision

AUSIS’s AI Underwriting Silent Features

AI based dynamic, behavioural and individual risk based underwriting decision. Reducing risk & fraud and improve opex with profit.

Automated checking, verification of all data points, documents, signature, photo & do compliance

Collecting data from digital, social, public, device, Bureau, Medical, finance, location, mortality, AQI, diagnosis, KYC etc.

Scoring system for 1000+ parameters including financial, social, kyc, health, bureau, behaviour etc.

Dynamic Predicting of premium, fraud, covers and riders. Reducing policy issuance cost, increase efficiency, data driven insights, track end to end life-cycle.

Individual, Corporate, Groups Risk intelligence with 360 in-depth profiling. Use customer 360 profiling for cross-sell, up-sell.

Decision for Approval of Policy under 60 seconds for NSTP and automated for STP. Reduces NSTP and convert in to STP to reduce medical cost.

Build new products, micro insurance and on-demand insurance for need based insurance for everyone which fits to their requirements.


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